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US Land And Ranches Multi-Media Piece

This piece was done for the home page of USLR. It was Database driven so the version that you are seeing here is a truncated version (as I do not have access to their database. I wrote all of the logic and ActionScript save for the JavaScript that makes the call to the database from the Flash's HTML origination page. The program allows for offers, images, and prices from 1 to infinity to scroll and each offer has a relavent link button as well.

INDUSTRY: Financial
COMPANY: Orchard Management

Multi-Media Piece

Click Here to Launch Sample.

You must have the Adobe Shockwave Plug-in, available free at Also media files tend to run large, if you are on a slow connection you may have to wait for it to download completely.

You can see the actual animation in action at the following website:

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