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Web Design Development Learning Site
A List Apart
Decent reference/learning site. Check back every so often you'll learn a lot.

Mostly CSS Cacading Menus
SuckerFish Drop Downs
This code is very interesting. It merits a look. If can do everything it claims in a good number of browsers it may win my vote for the best cascading menu option.

Links to Online Web Resources
Thickbox (Windowless pop-up overlay)
I haven't updated this page in a while, but this should make up for it. Basically you are opening a pop-up in window while still seeing the window you left. Very sleek, very well written, AJAX at it's best. I hope to find more of these types of UI elements to post here.

Dynamic HTML Code Library
This site rocks for free javascript. He even has a program that generates them for you.
Big Nose Bird
Another HTML portal and resource dump.

Internet Related Technologies
The best HTML, CGI, Javascript FAQ I've seen yet. Be careful though some of this info is outdated.
I don't know who Phong is, but he sure and hell knows his Photoshop. This is a great resource for special graphic effects; such as, glass text, corrosion, etc. Also, has 3D and animation software tutorials.

Not bad table of ASCII.

Hidden Flash: Audio
Refers to embedding Audio only in an HTML page using Macromedia technology.

Script Library: JavaScripts & CGIs
A nice site with cool scripts.

Script Library: Java Applets
A not free code site that sells pre-constructed applets. If you are industrious, however, you can decompile the Java .class file and recompile them with your own passwords.

Sun's Java Site
Tutorials on how to use Java.
Stumbled across these PDF tutorials while searching for something completely different.
Altogether Video
They are primarily an on location videography service, but they also do great optimized for web conversions.
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